Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bake-A-Long #6: Classic Carrot Cake

I decided this week to keep it simple. Since I wasn't making this cake to take anywhere, I halved the recipe and made it in a 9x9 Pyrex pan.
This is only the second carrot cake I have ever made, and I'm not sure why because with the aid of a food processor, they are simple to mix together, pour into a pan and bake, and who doesn't like carrot cake?
This recipe and the Baking Illustrated version I made previously were very similar. Rose's recipe however calls for only cinnamon while the other uses cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

I didn't bother with pulling my mixer out, I mixed everything by hand. The dry ingredients were blended, sifted, and set aside, and the wet ingredients were mixed with a spoon.

The dry ingredients and then carrots were mixed into the batter and then poured into a greased Pyrex dish.

When I went to make the Creamy Dreamy White Chocolate Frosting, I realized that I some how didn't make it home with the two bars of white chocolate I bought at the grocery store that day. However, I had a partial bar left over from the Lemon Luxury Cake. Since I halved the recipe, this partial bar was enough to get by with. I did add a little powdered sugar at the end to sweeten it up a bit since I was short on the white chocolate.
I was surprised by the strong white chocolate flavor. When I tasted the frosting fresh from the food processor, I only detected the white chocolate flavor which overpowered the cream cheese. However, once the frosting sat, the white chocolate seemed to mellow and the resulting flavor paired well with the cake.

The end result was a moist, homey cake with a lovely balance of spice and sweetness.


  1. Your cake really does look moist...I think you're must be the extra cocoa in my cake that made it dry...your cake actually looks really good. O.k next time i'm sticking to the recipe...;) Saira

  2. Your cake looks great and you were smart to halve the recipe. I made the whole thing and now my husband will be eating carrot cake for a week.

  3. Your cake looks so good. I didn't have a problem with dryness but I should have cut the recipe because this big cake will go to waste in my house.


  4. what a good idea to bake it as sheet cake too!

  5. Great job. I like that you cut the recipe in half and baked it in a square pan. Thanks also for reporting on the fact that you didn't pull out the stand mixer to mix the ingredients.


  6. good job! yours looks so moist and you're right too on the frosting. I only own a small food processor (from the time I was pureeing my younbgest son's baby food, he's 5 next Feb) so it took me ages to push it down and get it to mix.

    must get a proper food processor soon, along with a thermometer, aye?

  7. I did a sheet cake too -- most it went in to work so I made the whole recipe!

    If you think the white chocolate taste is too strong you can do what I did -- only use half as much and add in some powdered sugar instead. Still good!